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Intermediate and 5 annual docking of sailing ships according to classification. In compliance with company standards and supplied dock list for repairs. Pre-visit and budget for docking with all preparatory work in consultation with the ship's SI.

Supervision of new construction projects from inception to trial run. Onsite new construction guidance and possibility to set up a new construction supervision team.

Conversion of existing ships. Converting a ship to increase capacity for economic interest. Improving and adapting systems that are important for the environment. Construction and machinery installation.



  • Setting up and implementing a planned maintenance system (PMS) or other office systems.
  • freelance superintendent.
  • QHSE support
  • Crew coaching focused on the use and importance of the safety management system (SMS)
  • ISM, ISPS & MLC internal audits. HJRpromaship has a DPA certificate and CSO certificate


  • Condition survey for purchase of vessels or acquisition of owner/management
  • Ship inspection for the shipping company/management office, both technical and nautical inspection
  • Damage determination inspections for damage to
    1. Cargo damage due to weather influences during the sea voyage.
    2. Steel and construction damage
    3. Stevedore damage.
    4. storm damage
    5. Damage caused by other parties such as collision damage or damage caused by circumstances

All inspections include drawing up a damage report and possibly a cost overview. We look at and assess the types of damage and cause as an independent party.


HJR Promaship stands for

HJR Promaship is versatile in all nautical and technical areas and has a broad experience in shipping. Harm Jan Rinkema has experience in shipping since 1991 as a seafarer. From 2008 experience as Superintendent.






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